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We want to create a MORE sustainable, responsible travel experience, focusing on protecting the natural environment, preserving local customs and communities and together we will help to ensure a better world for everyone.

Our Mission Statement


We strive to create memorable tours for our customers, that involve, support, and enrich local communities.


We want to be honest with our customers and have them feel safe in the knowledge that as a business we are putting together tours we can all be proud of. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring that the places we visit do not negatively impact the local wildlife.


While we realise, that as a travel company we will always be contributing to carbon emissions, we have the resourcefulness to cut back in many other ways. In our office and for those working from home we have a policy in place to measure and reduce energy and waste consumption. This includes leveraging technology to cut down on paper waste.


We are great at curating magical experiences for our clients. However, what we are not experts at is sustainability. So, we have teamed up with the experts at Gold Standard to help us achieve our goal of counteracting the effects of travel on the environment. We also partner with local charities to improve the lives of those around us and so our staff can reach out to the community and give help where it is needed.

For more information, please read our full Sustainability Policy.

Animal Welfare

We actively discourage our customers to participate in activities that exploit or harm animals, whether they are wild or domesticated animals.

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