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Travel with us to uncover the essence of India. All of our holidays to India include return flights, accommodation, guided transfers and an expert, local guide to lead you on this exciting journey. So, whether you want to enjoy a culinary adventure, a window to the past, or go in search of some spectacular wildlife, India will have the right mix for you.

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Pulsating with an exciting mix of cultures, history and breathtaking landscapes, India is sure to keep your mind buzzing long after you return home. From soaring mountain peaks in the north to white sand beaches in the south; from exquisitely carved temples to crumbling fortresses; this country harbours an unexpected delight around every corner. India’s colourful history is reflected in its multitude of sacred sites and traditions. Enjoy an authentic slice of Indian life on our Explore India Holiday, as you visit majestic palaces, ancient temples, rural villages and bustling markets, to become fully immersed in Indian culture and history. We also offer several guided tours to India that take place during two of Hinduism’s most important religious holidays, Diwali and Holi, so we can get up close and personal with some of the country’s most fascinating traditions.

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Why a visit to India should be on your travel bucket list

India is a place that is mesmerising, exciting and at the same time chaotic and bewildering.

Destination Reviews Unique Experiences

Why is Diwali Celebrated

Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’ is a colourful and vibrant religious five day festival celebrated every year by Hindus, Sikhs and...