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Eat. Sleep. Yoga. Repeat!

18 June 2019
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Looking to stay healthy and active on holiday but want ample time to rest and unwind too? Look no further than our Algarve Yoga Holiday in partnership with MOONSyoga. Our Product Manager Danielle caught up with Sinead from MOONSyoga to discuss what you can expect to experience if you join MOONSyoga on our TD active Algarve Yoga Holiday.

Sinead, what is a typical morning like during a Yoga Holiday with MOONSyoga & TD active Holidays?

“Each morning starts by opening up the body and the mind. The aim is to get the energy flowing from tip to toe! The morning classes will build to a relatively strong flow class, incorporating breath work and mindfulness throughout. Starting softly and working up into a series of slow fluid sequences, each morning class will include lengthening, balancing and strength building poses; a heat building Hatha Vinyasa class. We will eventually come back down onto the ground for a deep releasing stretch and well earned pre-breakfast savasana!”

Sounds great, and what can be expected from the evening Yoga session in the Algarve?

“Each evening the sessions will begin with a warm up, like in the morning, but will focus on a particular section of the body, moving more deeply into it through specifically targeted postures. It will be more like a workshop than a ‘general’ yoga class. For example, the first one might focus on hips and hip openers working towards a climax posture such as pigeon/reclined virasana etc. Another evening workshop could be based on shoulders and arms, working up towards arm balances etc. One could be specific to twists, another to inversions etc. The evening session will be followed by a cool down sequence with time to release, relax and rest the body leaving you ready to float away and enjoy the remainder of your evening!”

What do you think is the main benefit of going on a Yoga Holiday?

“The benefit is the education you take away with you off the mat, going home to your local studio with a better awareness and knowledge of the poses and alignments. I weave lots of mindfulness in throughout my yoga teaching so you'll definitely have some self-reflection during the practices and afterwards during your leisure time. My objective is to truly inspire through the practice of Yoga, building a trust and rapport on and off the mat. I like to guide through an exploration of the connection between body, breath and mind meaning you get to sweat but most importantly laugh and have fun along the way!”

Does this sound like your ideal yoga retreat? Well, you can book this tranquil yoga holiday with TD active Holidays and Sinead from MOONSyoga now. We offer a completely stress free holiday experience. Everything is taken care of for you - return flights, transfers, 4 star accommodation, daily breakfasts and twice daily yoga sessions with MOONSyoga. All you need to do is turn up to the airport, relax, unwind and let us take care of the rest!

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