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Daniel Lindh

Camino de Santiago Guide

Daniel leads the TD active Walking groups along the Camino de Santiago and loves every minute of it. Daniel is passionate about showing our customers the culture, traditions and tasty tapas along this famous pilgrimage route. The sense of camaraderie between the group as they get off the beaten track is one of the things he enjoys most - that and the Irish sense of humour.

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Nelson Araujo Lopez

Cuba Tour Guide

Nelson has been working as a tour guide since 1995 and loves showing TD active customers not only the culture and history of Cuba but also the natural beauty. Nelson is extremely passionate about the outdoors so when he is not leading one of our groups around Havana, Trinidad or Vinales Valley he can be found hiking or bird watching.

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Gabor Nagy

Walking Guide

Gabor has been working as a professional guide since 1997 and leads our Austria walking holidays and Hungary walking holidays. Gabor is extremely passionate about nature, culture and having an active lifestyle, all of which he can combine with his job as a guide for TD active Holidays. Gabor even knows a “cúpla focal as Gaeilge”, which always goes down well with our Irish customers!

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Vietnam Tour Guide

Moon began working as a tour guide in 2005 and leads the tours in Northern Vietnam. Moon is very passionate about her work as a guide, she aims to bring TD active clients beyond the iconic sights and show them the hidden gems of Vietnam. Moon’s favourite place in Vietnam is Halong Bay, for its beautiful emerald green waters and its stunning limestone grass topped islands.

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Vietnam Tour Guide

Hiep has been working as a tour guide in Vietnam since 2000. He loves being a tour guide as it means he gets to meet new people from all corners of the world. Among Hiep’s favourite destinations in Southern Vietnam are the famous Cu Chi Tunnels as well as the Mekong Delta, with its peaceful villages, friendly locals and colourful floating markets. 

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Malaysia Tour Guide

Enthusiastic and informative is how Harold always is. Growing up in Georgetown Penang, history and tourism has always been part of Harold’s life. Since graduating from Tourist Guide School, Harold has helped many customers unveil the hidden secrets of Malaysia’s colourful culture

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Erion Puca

Albania Tour Guide

Erion was born in Albania and guided tours since in 2008. He received his tour guide license from the Albanian Ministry of Tourism. His missions (as he likes to name his tours) is to give an accurate and deep understanding of what is called "Land of the Eagles". 

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Landrico Lerado

Borneo Tour Guide

Landrico is a Malaysian (Sabahan) born and bred with Filipino descent. He has been guiding tours for more than 28 years. His skill & passion is filming, photography and special interest in snakes and more. He has been lead International groups such as National Geographic Film & Groups, Natural Habitat Series Group, BBC Crew and celebrities!

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Dinesh Bhati

India Tour Guide

Hailing from an Army background, Dinesh has been travelling from one corner of India to another with his parents since childhood. Travelling is his passion and he thought there was no better way to turn this passion into profession. He has been sharing his knowledge, rich history and culture of India with tourists around the world since 2007. 

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Sri Lanka Guide

Amare has over twenty years’ experience working in tourism and since 2017 has guided our customers in Sri Lanka. Amare loves showing the authenticity of the country rather than what is usually written in a guidebook and shows our customers the best of Sri Lanka.

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Alice Khowsaard

Thailand Tour Guide

Alice graduated with a bachelor's degree from the faculty of Tourism and Hotel industry. She believes being a tour guide is a type of art, it creates excitement, fun, mixed with learning traditional cultures with strangers which is very challenging and I like this job very much. 

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Ving Chainarongaing

Thailand Tour Guide

Ving goes above and beyond a tour guide's usual responsibilities to help customers. He loves meeting new people from around the world and sharing his knowledge of Thailand. His hobbies are photography and travel. 


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