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TD active Holidays | 20 April 2023
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Our ‘Explore’ range is a selection of small group tours that provide unique and inspiring active holidays that take you off the beaten track, helping you to unlock the authentic essence of each destination. We offer much more than a holiday… 

Visit incredible destinations

See Taj Mahal on India holiday

Asia, Europe and the Americas; we have a selection of remarkable travel destinations to dynamic and unspoilt locations across the world including Cuba, Romania and Vietnam. The variety of transport used is also another important element of our adventure tours. Depending on the destination, we use everything from buses, boats, overnight trains, bicycles, tuk-tuks and 4 x 4 jeeps to make sure you get to experience all the main sights and sounds in a unique way. 

Amazing travel experiences

Drive classic car in Old Havana

Whether it is trekking between forts in India, driving through old Havana in a vintage car in Cuba, cycling through the countryside in Vietnam, white water rafting in Sri Lanka or feeding pandas in China, you are sure to be kept on your toes with our exciting itineraries. We also offer a range of pre-bookable optional excursions, such a Mount Everest flight on our Nepal holidays. 

Stay in authentic accommodation 

Ha Long Bay Excursion

Travelling to far-flung corners of the earth involves adapting to living conditions that are often very different from your own. And that is what makes travel so exciting. Culture shock is often part of the experience in itself if you travel with an open mind. So we aim to include accommodation that best reflects the character of the local area in which you will be travelling. So, this could be a cosy homestay in Havana or an overnight junk boat cruise in Ha Long Bay.

Meet the locals

Camping in Sahara Desert

We want you to get to know the local people during your holiday with us. After all, they are the people who know the destination best. Enjoy a Bollywood film at the Raj Mandir cinema with the locals as you explore India, enjoy lunch with a family in Albania or Nepal, spend a night sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin Camp in the desert, so you can discover the tribal and nomadic traditions of the Berbers on our Explore Morocco holiday

Learn new skills

Experience cooking lessons on holiday

After an incredible holiday, a perfect way to bring a little adventure into your home is cooking a recipe inspired by your travels. Learn how to cook classic dishes using local produce on our holidays in Peru, Morocco or Sri Lanka with local chefs. You could also master other unique skills on our holidays, like learning how to drape sarees in India, haggling in the local markets in Vietnam, dancing the tango in Argentina or Amber hunting in Lithuania

Expert guides

Guided tour of Angkor Wat

On all our holidays, you will be accompanied by an expert local guide, who will share their knowledge, recommendations, useful tips and hidden gems of their homeland, to ensure you get the most out of your holiday. 

Travel with like minded people

Guided excursion to Machu Picchu

Our small group tours are big enough to give you the security of travelling with like-minded people, but also intimate enough to ensure you get under the skin of the destination you are exploring. Also, if you’re an independent traveller, we offer a solo twin share option, where you share a room with a fellow solo traveller of the same gender. This means that you get much better value as you can say goodbye to single supplements. It really is a great option and is available on most tours. 

Ready to explore the world? Our Explore holidays are the perfect choice. Packed full of unique activities and specifically designed to suit the adventurous traveller. We’ll do so much more in the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Our active holidays offer an opportunity for cultural immersion, independent exploration, as well as the must see highlights. Embrace the out-of-the-ordinary and book your next adventure with TD active Holidays!

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